Assignment mates!!

Well… Long time since i posted the last time… But i’m back!! But I think I’ll change a little
the blog’s subject! 🙂
At this moment I have a lot of histories about assignment mates and students (who I teach, now I work like private tutor 🙂 )
And too many people tell me I have to do a blog to tell all about this. And ’cause I have one I can use it ;).

But tonight I’m going to talk about my assignments mates… All people who studies or have been studied at EPS know that I’m talking about… The terror to have a assignment mate that you didn’t choose and he/she don’t do it anything o worst to have one, when you started were friends… later if you say hello it’s ’cause you made a mistake.

This year the history is repeated… I had to matriculate me of 2 subject of first course and the teacher assigned me two assignment mates to start of course… But i didn’t choose, ’cause you don’t know anyone, much less know how will work …
So two guys at random. At first I was happy with one, because although he doesn’t know about assignment he tried…While the other, from the beginning, I noticed he hadn’t interest.

Weeks later this situation didn’t improve … In fact, it was rather worse. Each time the guy who was interested I lost interest and the other… without comments.

I tried to help them to understand for they learn and know to do more things, but I think that I’m achieving the opposite effect …

This afternoon I asked them if they had done something about the assignment. One of them answer (who does nothing) saying he did not understand assignment… And I’m usually willing to explain anything … although it’s simple. But this time … he has seen my worse side xDD
He had to do something very very easy, I explain him in detail… But he still didn’t understand…
And when I asked what part did not you understand, he said things without sense…

Anyway … tomorrow we will see if he try to do or not xD
At now I’ve told you a little bit 😀

PS: I must say, you can have bad luck, but there have been times I’ve had
good assignment mates. Moreover, actually, I have a very good friend like assignment mate and he support me, thanks good… 😀

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Castellanos de Castro

On the last weekend of October I went to Castellanos de Castro, village of my friend’s mum, where the “neighborhood celebrations weekend” took place.

Continue reading

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Absence for a month…

Well… After a month or so I think I need to explain the reasons for my absence  🙂 but the good news is that I have 2 posts to publish!

Exactly when the practice lessons began, delivery of practice exercises, exams… it only delayed about for writing during the weekend.

But then I had to stop going to spinning because the last time I went I had to leave the class bcoz I felt bad and I didn’t think it was of importance to this, so… I continued to do along with university Works. Continue reading

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Comradeship in the faculty

In my Faculty are: Telecommunications, Computer Science Engineering and Maths + Computer Science Engineering (Usually referred to as Joints).  All people know that the Joints are done by very clever people or those that used have good marks and there is much more competition in other careers…

The joint has to be like medicine carreer, that is, in medicine the people upsets that another guy has better marks, so they make theirs notes and if somebody to aks for it, they don’t give up Continue reading

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An awful week…

First week, it has been an absolute chaos, and it just start… I have had to choose practical lessons’s groups ’cause all people knew something that I don’t knew… A week before we start (while I still was in exams…) it was opened an aplication (called moodle) for choose group, but nobody told to new people about this. So many groups are full and i need some group in particular :S. Thank God, it doesn’t work, they have changed timetable, so all was deleted 🙂 but now I’ll be content to have group of practical lessons!
Then I had a new career’s subject, society and computer science, almost I had to implore that he assign me a group… I got it!! xDD

But overcoat, i have missed Continue reading

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Change of plan

As many people knows this year I have changed of syllabus in the university. Before, you finished as an engineer, now to be engineer it’s, more or less, the same carreer + master (it’s called Bolonia).

Why? Because I wasn’t good and it hasn’t sense to continue there, especially now that the teaching begins to disappear… So, this is one of the huge changes this year …
On Monday I had my first day of class Continue reading

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Hello world!

I’m a studient of Computer science & Engineering.

This blog is a project that I have had it in my mind for years, but laziness, homeworks from university, study… it has been complicated…

But, because first one of my first huge changes of this year Continue reading

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